DISCLAIMER: The contents of documents below are intends to provide brief reference for you to understand our Ruijie Networks Co. Ltd., service policy.  Kindly please contact our Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd. local account manager to seek for clarification if you have doubt or uncertain on our service support matters. 

Rights and obligations relate to services support shall be born to agreement between Ruijie Networks Co., Ltd. and its customer(s).

Ruijie Networks Co., ltd. reserves the right at any time to change, modify, revise this publication in its sole discretion with or without notice.

Ruijie Networks Service Policy V1.0 Frequent Ask Question:


Hardware Warranty Section

Q1.  How long was the warranty entitlement will I get after purchase of Ruijie Networks product?

Answer:  Every Ruijie Networks product sold regionally will entitle of 36 months of manufacture hardware warranty coverage;  whereby customer could engaged Ruijie Networks Distributor to process Return Material Authorization (RMA) services by sending the faulty device (i.e. Return For Repair :RFR) to Ruijie Networks services depot for warranty claims.


Q2.  Can you explain how soon I will get my faulty hardware return after RMA claims?

Answer:  Delivery time of RMA unit may vary depending on customer shipping location and Ruijie Networks Distributor location and is performed at best effort basis.  Customers should allow for additional transit time due to international customs clearance.  Below please find the RMA return schedule policies:

  • Return to Repair with 15 Calendar Day Ship-Out: RFR: 15CD-Ship; generally applicable for Ruijie Networks product sold regionally.
  • Hardware Replacement with 5 Calendar Day Ship-Out:  HR: 5CD-Ship (for 1st 12 month) plus Return to Repair with 15 Calendar Day Ship-Out (RFR: 15CD-Ship) on selected Ruijie Networks product.



Q4. Are Ruijie Networks product come with Lifetime Warranty?

Answer: Our Ruijie Networks product come with 36 months standard warranty coverage; 

'Standard Hardware Warranty' guarantees that the hardware will be free of defects in material and workmanship under normal use,  Our service center will use commercially reasonable efforts to repair or replace the defective product and ship the repaired or replacement part for delivery within 15 working days. Actual delivery times might vary depending on customer location.

‘Standard Software Warranty’ guarantees that the physical media are free from defects, or they will be replaced by Ruijie Networks. Also, the warranty guarantees that the software generally conforms to the published specifications for the product.  Software is provided "as is," and in no event does Ruijie Networks warrant that the software is error free or that customer will be able to operate the software without problems or interruptions.

No more hardware/software upgrade, new features development or bug fixes after the Standard Hardware Warranty and/or Standard Software Warranty period.

Kindly please be refer to our local Ruijie Networks account manager for product warranty if needed.


Q5.  What does the 'End of Sales' mean?

Answer: Ruijie Networks considers a product at End of Sale when either it can no longer be ordered from Ruijie Networks, or it is marketed as being End of Sale on the Ruijie Networks web site. Ruijie Networks will no longer accept new software feature or hardware upgrade when the product at End of Sales.

When possible Ruijie Networks will either offer a more current revision of the same product or provide recommendations on a migration strategy. Ruijie Networks communicates product End of Sale through this webpage. Ruijie Networks strives to notify customers 6 months in advance, when possible, through this online mechanism.


Q6.  At what point does Ruijie Networks Product Warranty coverage start?

Answer: The Ruijie Networks Product Warranty coverage commences on the Delivery Date of the Product. Delivery Date means the date the Product is transferred from Ruijie Networks to an authorized Transportation Services Carrier providing transit to either an End-User or Channel Partner.  Delivery Date is absolute regardless of whether the Product is shipped directly to an End User or to a Channel Partner prior to receipt by an End User.


Q7.  What hardware components are covered under the Ruijie Networks Hardware Warranty?

Answer:  Ruijie Networks Product Warranty provides complete coverage for the base unit, including power supplies (Internal, Modular and Hot Swap Plug-in) and fans within the unit.  Any additional parts (i.e. pluggable transceivers: SFP, XFP, SFP+) have a standard Ruijie Networks warranty. The warranties do not extend to normal wear due to Product use, including consumables.


Q8.   In the event of hardware warranty claims; what items should be returned to Ruijie Networks Distributor for processing the RMA?

Answer:  If the base unit is defective all modular parts and cables should be removed from the unit (SFP, XFP, SFP+, DC-DC Power Supplies, etc.) before returning the base unit back to Ruijie Networks Distributor for RMA process.

Additional components such as optional redundant power supplies and SFPs should be removed prior to returning the unit to Ruijie Networks Distributor as well. (Note: Please be specific on the Part Number Code to ensure correct field replacement units.)

Optical and Copper modules (SFP, XFP and SFP+) all have a standard product warranty.  If these pluggable items should fail during the standard warranty period they also can be replaced through the RMA process.

You will need to remove all Modular and Pluggable devices from the defective unit and transfer to the RMA return unit upon received from Ruijie Networks Distributor.

You will need to backup the configuration data, files, data and program before returning any Hardware Product for warranty claims through Ruijie Networks Distributor.

Maintain a procedure to reconstruct your lost or altered configuration data, files, data, or programs that is not dependent on the Ruijie Networks Hardware Product under warranty support.


Service Support Section

Q1.  How are the service support commitment to us?  (from Ruijie Networks Partner perspective)

Answer : Base on our Ruijie Networks Service Policy, section “Service Severity Classification” outline our service respond based on Service Call Severity.

In brief, we are having an 24*7  RITAOnline Support chat on low severity suppoty, Standard 8*5*NBD business day Ruijie Case Portal support for medium severity, and Ruijie TAC or Regional Post sales remote access support for high severity support and 8*5*NBD services support by our Ruijie Certified Service Representative on critical severity support.

Ruijie Networks Certified Service Representative refer as Ruijie Networks Authorized Service Partner or Ruijie Networks Industry Specialist Partner who’s owned Ruijie Networks Certified support team.


Q2.  How are the service support commitment to us?  (from Ruijie Networks product End User perspective)

Answer: You may facilitate our 24*7 RITA online support chat on queries about general technical support matter on equipment operation, configuration or documentation or engaged support from our Ruijie Networks Certified Service Representative during normal 8*5*NBD business day.

To deal with Medium to Critical severity support, kindly please contact our Ruijie Networks Certified Service Representative for assistant. Our Ruijie Networks Certified Service Representative will provide necessary standard 8*5*NBD business day technical support by default and for higher service level agreement support will subject to charges by our Ruijie Certified Service Representative.

Ruijie Networks Certified Service Representative refer as: Ruijie Networks Authorized Service Partner or Ruijie Networks Industry Specialist Partner who’s own Ruijie Networks Certified support team



Q4. Will Ruijie Networks provide direct technical support to us either via Remote or Onsite? (from Ruijie Networks product End User perspective)

Answer: We are current offer such services via our Ruijie Network Certified Service Representative to address the respond time in cost effective manner to our end customer.  Whereby End Customer could always facilitate our 24*7 RITA Online Chat and/or report incident via our Ruijie Networks Case Portal and we will assign appropriate service representative to address your concern by using our Ruijie Networks products.


Q5. Will Ruijie Networks provide express hardware replacement program to address my service level requirement? (From Ruijie Partner and Ruijie End Customer perspective)

Answer: We are currently collaborate with our local Ruijie Networks Distributor to setup an Spare Part center on handling such request; In general and according to our Ruijie Networks hardware warranty policy, selected product will entitle for express RMA hardware exchange with our Spare Part collaboration partner/distributor.  

Customer may raise request to purchase advance hardware replacement on specific product based on case to case basis or project basis, this will generally refer to those Enterprise Data Center or Module Router and Switches.  Kindly please contact our local Ruijie Networks account manager for detail pricing.


Q6. Did Ruijie Networks own any support center locally? (from Ruijie Networks Partner and End Customer perspective)

Answer:  We are currently own our post-sales support division cover region for Hong Kong, Malaysia and so on.

Whereby, we are collaborate with our local Ruijie Authorized Service Partner or Ruijie Industry Specialist Partner on handling customer demand for service level beyond 8*5 next business day support.   As our Authorize Service Partner or Industry Specialist Partner support team are capable to deliver service level such as 8*5*4 business day and 8*5*NBD remote and onsite support.  Our Ruijie Networks Authorized Service Partner or Ruijie Networks Industry Specialist Partner) are trained and certified by Ruijie Networks to handle full or specific range of Ruijie Networks products.